Story of Hide & Seek

My name is Sara Ho, I am a mom to one little precious girl, and a fabric company owner.I do baby/kids fabric for over 10 years in China, and because of the high standard for baby fabric,I seek for top cooperated factories to product the harmless fabric for big brands for local big kids brand. It is much fortunate and pleasure to find my digital print partner John Li ,whom studied abroad before and bring in the most advance technology and equipment for his print factory, now mainly print for luxury brand and big brands in China local market. And too much appreciate for Xinming Zhang, whom is the yarn supplier for upscale Market, recommend the cutting-edge yarn and basic fabric.

In digital print industry, there are just several outstanding digital print factories in China,95% of them just can do middle-end products and not stable. The quality is too easy affected by the temperature, moisture, machine, technology and so on.

Handmade creation is artwork, unique and worthy collection,it worth to use the best material to make it.So I open this shop to popularize the good quality fabric for handmade creations market, not just for brands.

Let me introduce our digital print fabric.Our print factory do for luxury brand mainly. We use very high quality cotton yarns- Siro spinning cotton yarn to knit the fabric, not like the normal ring spinning cotton yarns in the market,it choose the good cotton, add more crafts to spin the yarn to make it more stronger, less fuzz. The cost of our yarn is much higher , but it is much strong and much less fur on the face of the fabric. If you wear the clothes made by our fabric for long time, you will find that, even you wash many times, Non-deformation. And our knitting craft is much different from market. It make the fabric have strong rebound. At last, our after treatment, our martial is about 5 times higher cost than the normal fabric in market so to make the fabric smooth and soft. We known deeply and use the most Advanced craft to make our fabric in China. So I want to bring the best fabric to USA handmade market. We plan to popularize a new cotton Lycra basic fabric too when we grow to bigger and enough people order it. It is just use in luxury brand and very big brand in China now. And more fabric type like bamboo/modal/warm-up fiber fabric.

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